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Located about 30 miles north of Indianapolis...Morse Lake reservoir was completed in 1956 with a water storage capacity of 8.3 billion gallons.  Morse's 32.5 miles of shoreline are surrounded by the cities of Cicero and Noblesville.  This community service web site is for those who live, work, and play in the area and need a local resource to keep weather wise.


There are thousands of weather enthusiasts around the world who have weather observation stations like the one that feeds ciceroweather.net.  These stations are owned and operated by hobbyists and professionals alike...schools, colleges, universities, agriculture, industry, research, storm chasers, government agencies, ham radio operators, homeowners, and the list goes on.  Check out some here.

Here's how it works.  Weather observations from the station are sent to the owner's desk top computer.  The observations are then uploaded on the internet to ciceroweather.net and other sites that use the information.  Observations for this site are uploaded several times each hour.  By comparison, the National Weather Service uploads just once each hour.


Who uses this information?  These data assist meteorologists in determining the movement of weather patterns across the nation.  During severe weather, the National Weather Service can also identify the severity of storms with assistance from the 'mesonet'.  A 'mesonet' is a regional network of observing stations.  Mesonet information is also used to improve computer generated weather forecasting models.  See mesonets in action at Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System.


Comments and suggestions always welcome...comments@ciceroweather.net


Weather conditions provided by Davis solar powered wireless weather stations overlooking Morse Reservoir


***always check your local media for latest weather ADVISORIES

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